The Andorians were a humanoid species from the moon Andoria, homeworld of the Andorian Empire and located in the Procyon star system.


Most Andorians are blue-skinned with white or silver hair. Andorians had two supercranial antennae that aided in balance. If one was lost – a humiliating experience – an Andorian became partially disabled in the short term, and unable to fight, but could adapt to its loss within a day. Antennae took up to nine months to regrow. Andorians are true bluebloods: Talas' blood displayed nonviscous, translucent qualities, and were as dark blue as Shran's abrasions. Andorian tongues and gums alternated from dark blue to pink.

Andorians were a militaristic race, exemplified in small part by weaponry without stun settings. They consider it an honor to serve in their Imperial Guard, and military rank greatly influenced social reputation. Deploring dishonesty -- and never fighting without reason -- Andorians were nonetheless capable of duplicity. They considered themselves deeply emotional, passionate, even violent; not known for their charity or sympathy, they placed a high value on family. Andorian technology is considerably advanced and in certain areas, particularly military technology rivals that of the Vulcans.