Lieutenant Forlisa is a Denobulan with the Denobulan Science Academy assigned to the Pathfinder NX-XX for its voyage.


  • Comes from the Hayfix District, and is 29 years old
  • Graduated and stayed on with the Science Academy as a Starship Engineer (specialising in Warp Drives)
  • Has three husbands
  • Was assigned to the Pathfinder's Engineering team in charge of maintaining the shuttle flight aboard.

Pathfinder MissionEdit

  • Before joining the Pathfinder Forlisa lived on Denobula with her husbands.
  • She is part of the Shuttle staff and typically works Alpha and Beta shifts in the Shuttlebay.
  • She has shared quarters aboard the Pathfinder


Forlisa has the likeness of a minor character from Enterprise. Her accent is something like General American. She is very sociable and enjoys 'hanging out' with the other Engineers, especially in the mess hall off-duty. She is well known amongst the crew and universally liked for her kind attitude and infectious good nature.

Intimate EncountersEdit

Tongue Tied