Humans (Homo sapiens), sometimes known as Terrans, were a humanoid species that originated from planet Earth in the Sol system.


Humans are easily the most outworldly, idealistic and expansionistic race in the region, and possess those qualities in a greater degree than many of the alien populations they would encounter. This is likely due to their relative newness to the interstellar community and the optimism, revitalisation of their population after First Contact. On Earth Human culture evolved to eliminate war, poverty and disease by the year 2113 though the work involved was considerable and involved prolonged hardships.

Organised as United Earth Humanity has established a few near colonies on other worlds. Though in the first half of the 22nd century, the most significant Human presence in space beyond the Sol system itself was in the form of "Boomers", independent Human traders that formed a merchant marine using crude, generationally-owned starships that took years to travel between destinations. While nominally under the control of the Earth Cargo Authority, by their very nature, the Boomers were frontiersmen without any real oversight from Earth and generally handled their own affairs. In a sense, these small (approximately two dozen crewmen on the common Y-class freighter) and mobile ship-borne communities could be seen as "colonies" of a sort.