Kersten Papst

Commander Kersten Papst is a human with Starfleet who serves aboard the Pathfinder NX-XX.


  • Comes from Bregenz, and is 37 years old
  • Mother and Father are a Teacher and Baker respectively, both work. No siblings
  • Read languages at Oxford before working for the United Earth as a Translator in Paris.
  • Liased with Starfleet and spent time at the Earth Embassy on Vulcan
  • Lectured in 'alien languages' at Stamford
  • Was headhunted by the NX-XX program for her proficieny in many different languages and her proven record as an accurate translator.

Pathfinder MissionEdit

  • Before joining the Pathfinder Kersten was working in the United States.
  • She is a Communication Officer for the Mission and takes the Communication Console during Alpha Shift
  • She has her own personal quarters aboard the Pathfinder


Kersten Papst has the likeness of Barbara Schoeneberger. She has a slight German accent when speaking English. Can speak the seven major langauges of Earth and has studied various 'alien' langauges too, along with the Communication theories (verbal and otherwise) that make her seem quite indispensible to the small group of translators aboard. While part of the senior staff and having a high rank she is not really Command material and her leadership abilities are not usually called into practice (with other members of the Staff about).

Intimate EncountersEdit

Tutored by a Tellarite