Lieutenant Commander Machir is a Mazarite with his homeworlds Fleet who serves aboard the Pathfinder NX-XX.


  • Comes from Mazar, and is 29 years old
  • Family is Mazar based, none serve in the Government or Military
  • Is a trained Weapons Officer (Phaser Gunnery Captain)
  • Was headhunted by the NX-XX program because of his expertise and service for Vulcan agents previosly

Pathfinder MissionEdit

  • Before joining the Pathfinder Machir was serving aboard a Mazarite Warship
  • He is a Weapons specialist and occupies the Tactical Console during Beta Shift
  • He and the First Officer have a strong professional rivalry and mild dislike for each other
  • He has his own personal quarters aboard the Pathfinder


Machir has the likeness of a Mazarite extra from Enterprise. He has something like an American accent. Mazarite men have skin flaps on the side of their members, running the length, that provide extra sensation during intercourse. He wears a Mazarite uniform while aboard. He is the unofficial 'Quatermaster' with an ability to conjure contraband if anyone so needs it and just as magically make it disappear when a straight-laced member of the crew is around. He is well liked for the most part (as an exotic addition to the crew) though his attitudes to leadership do not endear him (demanding of those below him and disrespectful of those above)

Intimate EncounterEdit