Miranda Thatcher

Commander Miranda Thatcher is a human with Starfleet who serves aboard the Pathfinder NX-XX.


  • Comes from Ann Arbor, and is 41 years old
  • Mother and Father both retired, one younger sister who works for the Earth Cargo Authority on Draylax.
  • Graduated from the Annapolis and had a commission in the United States Navy though took the immediate opportunity to enter Starfleet flight school in San Francisco
  • Certified Shuttle Pilot and Helm Officer with over two thousand hours simulator experience and half that actual flight time
  • Applied to but was not accepted as part of the NX Program, served aboard an Earth Starship operating near Jupiter as a Relief Helm.
  • Was headhunted for the NX-XX program because of her solid flight record.

Pathfinder MissionEdit

  • Before joining the Pathfinder Miranda was posted to Starfleet Headquarters on Earth.
  • She is the Chief Pilot of the Mission and takes the Helm during Alpha Shift
  • She has her own personal quarters aboard the Pathfinder


Miranda Thatcher has the likeness of actress Miranda Otto. Her accent is General American. Her name and likeness are a homage to Amanda Thatcher of the Star Trek Starjumper series. She is a fan of American Football (Detroit Lions) and 20th century sports cars.

Intimate EncountersEdit

Alone in a shuttlepod