The Pathfinder crew has a large group of Engineers and Technicians assigned to it. Simply they are responsible for keeping the ship going, they maintain the vessel and are responsible for repairs. Most of the Department is associated with power, ship integrity and propulsion.

Engineers and TechniciansEdit


He is a more humanoid looking Tellarite who came aboard the Pathfinder as a Warp Drive Specialist. He is an expert in his field but rather argumentative and as such hard for anyone to work with. As a result he hasn't been made a team leader and is kept more as an on-call specialist with a full list of duties per shift that are conveniently 'one man jobs'. His input is nevertheless very valuable. Off duty he enjoys debating and he has become a fan of the Earth sport football just so he has a topic people are happy to argue with him about.

Johnathan BullEdit

He is an Englishman from North London who joined Starfleet after doing an Engineering degree. He did some work with contractors linked to the Warp Five Complex and was assigned to the ship from the construction team because of his experience with the engine type. He is a rugby fan but isn't very sporty and prefers to have a beer while watching the game. His favourite hobby is model building, which he did as a kid. He is boisterous and has a non-PC sense of humour.

  • Ensign Bull
  • Lieutenant JG Raal