Subcommander Vilaaris is a Vulcan with the Vulcan Security Directorate assigned to the Pathfinder NX-XX for its voyage.


  • Comes from Shi'Kahr, and is 87 years old
  • Mother and Father both work for Vulcan High Command.
  • She has undergone the ritual of Kohlinahr, a process that took 4 years
  • Is trained as a Security Operative, specifically employed for 'field work' that typically involves infiltrating a group
  • Posing as a human on Earth she was able to uncover data that suggested the existence of a conspiracy within Starfleet, though the official case wasn't taken further her contact in High Command authorised an operation that allowed to confirm the existence and establish contact with Officials of the human conspiracy group. While moved from the Earth Desk this job allowed Starfleet's Section 31 to develop links with a Vulcan equivalent
  • Again undercover as a human from Mars she kept tabs on local political groups agitating for 'Martian Independence'

Pathfinder MissionEdit

  • Before joining the Pathfinder Vilaaris was undercover on Mars.
  • She is part of the Strategic Operations staff and typically works Alpha shift from the 'Situation Room'.
  • She has personal quarters aboard the Pathfinder


Vilaaris has the likeness of actress Alyssa Milano. Her accent is like Received Pronunciation naturally though she can mimic other manners of speaking after observing the quirks involved. Has substantial intelligence skills (both general trade craft, infiltration and exfiltration, and in analysis) and from years of undercover work on Earth can convincingly emote as humans do (though her natural inclination to logic and reason do not mean she easily understands what gestures of emotion are exactly appropriate to situations). She has been known to show disappointment and otherwise 'express emotion' where it is logical for her to do so (to make her interactions with the human crew more efficient or effective)

Intimate EncountersEdit