The Vulcans or Vulcanians were a humanoid species widely known for their logical minds and stoic culture. Hailing from the planet Vulcan in the 40 Eridani System.


Genetically, Vulcans and Humans were similar enough that they could produce offspring without any problems.Externally, Vulcans were generally similar to Humans, the chief exceptions being the Vulcans' notably arched and upswept eyebrows and distinguished external ear structure, the top of which tapered into a clearly defined point. They are sometimes referred to as Vulcanians and within the region it has been noted near-Vulcanoid and Vulcanoid species exist that aren't actually Vulcan.

The Vulcan High Command was the most powerful governmental body on the planet Vulcan during the early 22nd century, and its de facto military government. The High Command was responsible for overseeing military and civilian organizations, as well as Vulcan's space fleet, diplomatic missions, and scientific research. Vulcan technology was very advanced with Warp 7 capable ships in service, strong shields and particle weapons. Vulcan also had an active exploratory program and was in contact with many space capable worlds, assuming the role of liasing and offering friendship with newly warp-capable civilisations.