Section 31's version of 'Utopia Planetia' circa 2145, one of many Bondar-Class shipyards in orbit of earth so this design of orbital office complex doesn't stand out in the slightest. This type of industrial facility can be found building everything from inspection pods, workbees to NX-Class & NV-Class (Intrepid-Class) and Connestoga-Class vessels. The Pathfinder was built and launched from Watchtower in geosyncronous orbit over Vancouver Island / The Canadian Pacific Northwest.

* Bondar, Roberta (Dr.)

The First Canadian Woman in space. She was launched in January 1992 aboard the U.S. Shuttle Discovery as the first Neurologist in space. As a payload specialist during 24 missions, conducted over 40 experiments for fourteen nations. In order to better understand the mechanics of the body's ability to recover from exposure to space.