The X world is home to a technologically advanced, culturally comparative civilization of humanoid beings known primarily for their mastery of dimensional travel.


The StarholdEdit

The Starhold is the name of the moon orbiting the X World that serves as a secondary population centre and major staging area for travellers. Once a bare moon it is now completely covered by base structures including habitation towers, industrial zones, landing areas and construction canyons. Its low gravity and lack of atmosphere have allowed the Starhold to become a significant manufacturer of large scale high technology. The moon's inhabitants live in relative comfort incased in underground 'open' neighbourhoods or in luxurious habitat towers that start well beneath the surface but still rise high above ground level. Given its use as a entry/exit point for dimensional expeditions the Starhold has a cosmopolitan atmosphere immediately noticeable in its public areas. The major starports are considered crime infested due to the large amount of traffic they process, including smugglers and attracting illegal dealers. A 'shadow industry' providing for and supporting arriving or leaving starport visitors typically surrounds and stretches out from the Port itself at least a hundred kilometres. Here gambling dens, markets and pleasure palaces are typically found amongst the garages, warehouses and hostels.

Points of InterestEdit