Yravas class fighters are a type of vessel used by the Andorian Empire as patrol and strike craft. They are warp capable and require a crew of three to operate.

Technical InformationEdit

Length: 35 meters

Wingspan: 15 meters

Height: 17 meters

Decks: 1

Crew complement: 3

Speed: Warp 5

The Yravas class is in widespread service with the Andorian Imperial Guard and equips Fighter Regiments defending key installations. Able to reach speeds of around warp factor 5 allows it to participate in fleet actions much in the same way as the Vulcan fighter does. Four impulse and reaction control engines are positioned at the front of the ship and work in tandem with the main drive to provide blistering acceleration and tight turning ability. The crew consists of a Pilot, Tactical Officer and Flight Engineer. They operate the fighter from the cockpit which is positioned at the very front of the craft with a small cabin, food preparation nook and head situated directly behind. The fighter's main weapon our torpedoes and it can carry up to twelve, it also has on omni-directional particle weapon emplacement that while not as powerful as those on a capital ship are still devastating.